How will we find our transfer service at the airport?
Once you complete our booking form the driver has the same voucher as you. When you will be landed to the airport the driver will be at the arrival hall with a welcome sign where will be writing your name or group name.

In the airport of Chania there is just one arrival exit gate.

From Heraklion airport there are two exit gates for the arrivals, one after the other 15 meters distance.

So both of the airports, there is no possibility to get lost. The driver will be there.

You will also have 24 hour telephone contacts issued on the voucher in the event that you should still have problems finding your driver.     0030 6976404917   THEODOR

Does the airport transfer take us directly to our accommodation?

With private transport, the vehicle shall take you to, or pick you up as close as possible to your accommodation, taking into account the physical characteristics of the vehicle and access to the contracted address or hotel.

Occasionally it is not possible for access reasons (narrow or pedestrian streets, private estates, size of vehicle physically not allowing a nearer approach, police requirements, meteorological conditions like snow blocking access to hotel, etc. ) in this case you will be dropped and collected at the nearest available point.

If our flight is delayed, will the transfer be waiting for us?

Yes, flight arrival times are monitored. So the driver knows what time exactly you will be landed and that about 35-45 minutes you will be to the arrival hall.

If you have problems collecting your luggage or clearing immigrations, please call our mobile number to inform us or come outside to tell that to the driver.

In respect of flight delays, diversions, missed connections when the transport service originates from the airport, the waiting policy is 45 minutes waiting time.

Private hire with driver: Flight delays from original scheduled flight time of up to 3 hours are included. By Flight delays over 3 hours you must contact our phone number to request the vehicle be kept waiting. 

How long will our transfer take?

We give an indication of the distance and driving time between transfer points at the moment of booking. This information is supplied as a guidance only and not as commitment.

The driver retains absolute discretion to choose the actual travel route to your destination, and it may necessarily be the most direct route.

We want to travel from hotel to airport. How do we book?

At the top of our site there is menu bar. You have an option BOOK NOW. Click there, choose your vehicle type (simple taxi, VIP taxi, S class Mercedes, Van simple 1-8 Paxs, luxury van, Mini bus 1-19 paxs, private bus, speedy shuttle.), choose the Airport you will depart, choose the area the hotel is located (now you are at booking form.), at the start of the booking form click revers, ↔ After Selecting this option you must fill in the required fills, the No: of passengers, of the suitcases, the time and date of the transfer. Into notes,  you must complete the name of your hotel / villa /resort and then choose the way you want to pay:

 1) at the route end (straight to the driver)

2) via PayPal where you will be redirected to Paypal account for the transmission

3) bank transfer where you can see our banks information for the transmission from your bank.

4) VIA CREDIT DEBIT CARD at the end of the ride, straight to the driver

Then click book now.  You will receive a confirmation e mail. Print the voucher. We are ready. 

In the event that you still,  have problems use our contact form, fill the additional information and sent it. We will contact with  you as soon as possible.


What is the baggage policy for transfers?

Each passenger may carry one piece of baggage with a maximum weight of 20 kg (maximum combined size of 158cm) and hand luggage with a maximum weight of 5 kg (maximum dimensions of 45cm x 35cm x 20cm).

Any excess baggage must be declared when you make a service booking request.

The vehicle to transport you will be adequate for the number of people travelling and luggage contracted. Any excess luggage must be declared at the time of booking.

In the event of additional vehicles being required to transport an excess of undeclared luggage, the passenger will be held responsible for covering any additional costs.

How long will the driver wait for us to clear customs?

The driver will normally wait up to 45-50 minutes after your flight has landed before making enquiries with the airline, customs or immigration. After this procedure and if there is no sign of the passenger the driver will leave the airport.

If you are delayed in customs, immigration, baggage collection or lost luggage please call the driver to ensure that your driver will wait. 

If you foresee that you will take less time (only hand luggage) or more (reduced mobility, etc) please advise us at the same time you book.

Do you cater for baby seats?

 Yes, we can cater for baby seats at all the destinations. All destinations have baby seats available.

 Please note that transfers by mini bus or coach do not travel in a special seat.

 Baby seat option is only available on Private Transfer services.

I want to cancel my booking. How do I proceed?

Send us an email to these addresses:



We are travelling with a baby buggy. How do we book this?

To ensure you travel as stress free as possible, please pack all items correctly. Remember that each passenger has a limited luggage allowance per person, so your child also has one piece of luggage available: this can go for the baby buggy.

If you are travelling with a lot of luggage, please tell us, and if you believe you will be travelling with more than the allowed luggage, please select the number of additional pieces of luggage you require.

The type of vehicle that will transport you will be calculated automatically according to number of people travelling with standard luggage plus any optional extras you choose. This will determine the size and capacity of vehicle.

In the event of additional vehicles being required to transport an excess of undeclared luggage, you will be held responsible for covering any additional costs.

I have not received my confirmation e-mail. Can you send it to me?

Some e-mail may not be received due to anti-spam filters. Please check your mail client and your Internet Service Provider policies (ISP).

If you received a booking reference on screen, your booking is confirmed. Failure to receive the receipt e-mail has no bearing on the status of your booking.

If the initial (almost immediate) attempt to deliver your receipt e-mail fails, the system will continue to attempt delivery for up to 5 hours. If e-mail cannot be delivered after this time - because the address does not exist, your mailbox is full, or your mail server is not accepting mail or is unreachable - delivery attempts cease.

Around 200 e-mail receipts a week go undelivered, largely because of typing errors in the e-mail address supplied. Please enter your e-mail address carefully!

Can I book if I don't have a credit card?

We accept cash, payment on arrival, PayPal, Bank transfer, Credit Debit card after the end of the ride.

How do I change or cancel a purchase?

Open our contact form and sent us an email inform us for your cancellation.

I want to change my booking. How do I proceed?

Open our contact form and sent us an email inform us for the changes.

I have sent an e-mail to you, but you do not answer.

You most likely have used an unattended e-mail box.

All e-mail generated automatically at the moment of your booking is unattended. If you try to contact us by replying to one of these e-mails you will get an error message returned to you.

I want to change my booking but there are less than 48 hours prior to my arrival. How do I change it?

If there are less than 48 hours left prior to your arrival, please open our contact form and sent us an email

If there are less than 5 hours call us to: 

0030 6976404917


What happens if I can’t find my driver at the airport?

You have the telephone number of Cretetaxitours on your voucher. Please call us to help.

Is ground transportation cheaper for babies and children?

No, unfortunately we have to charge for all passengers.

One of our members is disabled and has a wheelchair. Can we use the transfer service?

 We have over many years welcomed disabled travelers, providing help and assistance.

 If you will be travelling with Motorized Foldable Wheelchairs or an Electrical Disability Scooter, these are considered as baggage, and our normal luggage allowance must be taken into account.

 "Optional Extras" are only available on Private Standard Transfers.

This service is for reduced mobility passengers. Some mobility will be required from the person in the wheelchair to get in and out of the vehicle.

Specially adapted vehicles for people without mobility may be booked at some destinations, but only ON REQUEST due to the limited availability of these vehicles. We request you contact us with your travel dates prior to booking to verify availability and pricing.

Your request has to be done at least one week before your arrival to Crete Island.

We will need to stop and pick up our apartment keys at a key collection office. Can we continue to the apartments?

Yes, there is no problem for a BRIEF stop to collect keys (5 minutes maximum) and continue to your accommodation IN THE SAME RESORT. If the key collection point is further than your actual destination, you must book the furthest point the vehicle will have to travel.

Please note this service is not available in cities and capitals, only tourist resorts.

It is imperative we are advised at the time of booking indicating the address of the key collection office and local telephone number.

Key collection is only available for private transfers.

Our group comes on different flights, but would like to return to the airport together. How do we book?

We recommend you book independent arrival journeys from the airport, and one single return booking for all the group. Flight details must be of the earliest departing flight.

Could you provide your emergency telephone contact number if the driver will not be at the airport?

Once you complete your booking you will be able to access your voucher.

On the voucher you are issued complete and detailed instructions on where and how to meet your driver. You will also find local telephone numbers and our own 24 hour contact numbers.

We are two parties arriving at different times, and would like to travel together in the same vehicle. How do we do?

We do not recommend booking of this type, as the transport service will wait only for the flight booked. If there are any delays from the other party joining (and delays do happen!), the service may not be provided.

I have walking difficulties, so it may take me a while to come through. Will the driver wait for me?

Yes, the driver will wait. If you foresee an extended delay, please advise us at the time of booking, so we can advise your driver.

I will be travelling with my pet. How do I advise you?

Transportation of a much loved pet (cats and dogs only) can be a worrying experience. We are happy to cater for pets accompanying their owners.

You must have a correctly sized container to carry your pet otherwise we may refuse travel for your pet. The following requirements must be met:

The container must be large enough for the pet to stand up, turn around and lie down in a natural manner. Your pet will be in the container for some time and therefore, it should be as comfortable as possible.

The container must be strong enough to protect the pet during transport, be secure enough to contain it and have sufficient ventilation on all four sides to ensure the air quality in the container will not deteriorate.

The door must be secured in such a manner that it will not open accidentally or your pet cannot open it during handling and transport.

Your pet's nose and paws should not be able to fit through any ventilation opening or door mesh.

The container must have a water pot and a food container accessible from outside.

Fiberboard or wire mesh containers are not suitable for air transportation.

How do I make my booking?

You will have to advise us (contact us)  at the same time you make your booking. You will also need to indicate the dimensions and weight of the container (container weight must include weight of your pet).

Please note normal baggage restrictions apply, and you will most likely require to book additional luggage space so we position the correct type of vehicle.

Unaccompanied Pets are not currently catered for.

Pets are transported at owners own responsibility. Any transportation to pets normally produces stress to your animal and must be taken into account if you have a very sensitive animal.

I would like to book for tomorrow, less than 24 hours is it possible?

We accept bookings up to 4  hours prior to arrival. We do accept bookings under the 4 hour limit only by telephone.     

0030 6976404917. Theodor

I am only bringing hand luggage. Will the driver be there as soon as I land?

Drivers are usually waiting for you at the airport ten minutes  after the flight has landed. If you do not have any luggage, please advise us so the driver will be ready for a quick exit.

0030 6976404917 Theodor

I have lost my luggage; can you collect it for me later?

All the airlines have handling agents. They will organize for any mislaid luggage at the airport to be forwarded to your resort address.

Baggage left on board the transport vehicle shall be sent to the address given to us by you in the service booking request and you shall pay any additional charges.

We will be arriving and departing from different airports. How do we book?

For arrival and departure from different airports, you should make two different single bookings.